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Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

Your Social Media Marketing Plan


PDF ebook

FREE 10-page PDF ebook outlines a clear, simple, practical 5-step process to help you create a social media marketing plan that works.

1-Page Marketing Plan Template

Fill in a simple 1-page social media marketing plan template as you go along (PDF, Word and Excel documents included with the PDF edition).

Kindle ebook

A Kindle edition of the ebook is also available from Amazon (UK / US).

Get Up to Speed with Online Marketing


The blog of the book, with extracts, case studies and updates.

Email Course

A free 5-day email course called Plan Your Online Marketing. Receive a one-page online marketing plan template (PDF download) plus a series of five email tutorials explaining how to complete it with goals, tools, calls to action and measures of success.

Get Up to Speed with Online Marketing
Publishing Talk

Publishing Talk


Initially a blog to share social media marketing tips with publishers, Publishing Talk has become a valuable resource for authors too, and now also covers self-publishing, getting published and writing.


Publishing Talk Magazine is an occasional print, PDF and Kindle magazine full of insider advice from bestselling authors and industry experts. All 7 back issues are currently free to download as PDFs.


Over 330,000 Twitter followers at @publishingtalk – rated the most influential account about publishing by WeFollow. See our Facebook page, Facebook group, LinkedIn group and Pinterest boards too.

Publishing Talk on Social Media

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